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#ifndef _BUILD_H_
#define _BUILD_H_

#include "strlist.h"
#include "lineparse.h"
#include "lang.h"
#include "ResourceEditor.h"
#include "ResourceVersionInfo.h"
#include "uservars.h"
#include "ShConstants.h"
#include "mmap.h"

#include "exehead/fileform.h"
#include "exehead/config.h"

#include <string>
#include <set>

// Added by Sunil Kamath 11 June 2003
#  include <time.h>
#  include <sys/stat.h>

// Changed by Amir Szekely 31st July 2002
#include "compressor.h"
#include "czlib.h"
#include "cbzip2.h"
#include "clzma.h"


#  include "Plugins.h"

extern "C"
  unsigned long NSISCALL CRC32(unsigned long crc, const unsigned char *buf, unsigned int len);

#define PS_OK 0
#define PS_EOF 1
#define PS_ERROR 50
#define PS_WARNING 100

enum notify_e {

#define PAGE_CUSTOM 0
#define PAGE_LICENSE 1

class CEXEBuild {
    void setdirs(const char *argv0);

    // to add a warning to the compiler's warning list.
    void warning(const char *s, ...);
    // warning with file name and line count
    void warning_fl(const char *s, ...);

    // to add a defined thing.
    void define(const char *p, const char *v="");

    // Added by Ximon Eighteen 5th August 2002
    void build_plugin_table(void);
    int plugins_processed;

    // process a script (you can process as many scripts as you want,
    // it is as if they are concatenated)
    int process_script(FILE *fp, char *curfilename);
    int process_oneline(char *line, char *curfilename, int lineptr);
    // you only get to call write_output once, so use it wisely.
    int write_output(void);

    void print_help(char *commandname=NULL);

    DefineList definedlist;

    int display_errors;
    int display_script;
    int display_warnings;
    int display_info;

    int linecnt;
    char *curfilename;
    FILE *fp;

#ifdef _WIN32
    HWND notify_hwnd;
    void notify(notify_e code, const char *data) const;
    void notify(notify_e code, const char *data) const { }

    int check_write_output_errors() const;
    int prepare_uninstaller();
    int pack_exe_header();

    void update_exehead(const unsigned char *new_exehead, size_t new_size);

    // tokens.cpp
    int get_commandtoken(char *s, int *np, int *op, int *pos);
    int IsTokenPlacedRight(int pos, char *tok);

    // script.cpp
  // Added by Sunil Kamath 11 June 2003
    char* set_file_predefine(char *);
    void restore_file_predefine(char *);
    char* set_timestamp_predefine(char *);
    void restore_timestamp_predefine(char *);
    char* set_line_predefine(int, BOOL);
    void restore_line_predefine(char *);
    void set_date_time_predefines();
    void del_date_time_predefines();
    int parseScript();
    int includeScript(char *f);
    int MacroExists(const char *macroname);
    void ps_addtoline(const char *str, GrowBuf &linedata, StringList &hist, bool bIgnoreDefines = false);
    void ps_addtoline(const char *str, GrowBuf &linedata, StringList &hist);
    int doParse(const char *str);
    int doCommand(int which_token, LineParser &line);

    int do_add_file(const char *lgss, int attrib, int recurse, int *total_files, const char 
      *name_override=0, int generatecode=1, int *data_handle=0, 
      const std::set<std::string>& excluded=std::set<std::string>(), 
      const std::string& basedir=std::string(""), bool dir_created=false);
    int add_file(const std::string& dir, const std::string& file, int attrib, const char 
      *name_override, int generatecode, int *data_handle);
    int do_add_file_create_dir(const std::string& local_dir, const std::string& dir, int attrib=0);

    GrowBuf m_linebuild; // used for concatenating lines

    // used by doParse to do preprocessing
    struct ifblock
      int hasexeced;
      int elseused;
      int ignore;
      int inherited_ignore;
    } *cur_ifblock;

    TinyGrowBuf build_preprocessor_data;

    void start_ifblock();
    void end_ifblock();
    int num_ifblock();

    int last_line_had_slash;
    bool inside_comment;
    int multiple_entries_instruction;

    void ERROR_MSG(const char *s, ...) const;
    void SCRIPT_MSG(const char *s, ...) const;
    void INFO_MSG(const char *s, ...) const;

    int add_plugins_dir_initializer(void);

    // build.cpp functions used mostly by script.cpp
    int getcurdbsize();
    int add_section(const char *secname, const char *defname, int expand=0);
    int section_end();
    int add_function(const char *funname);
    int function_end();
    void section_add_size_kb(int kb);
    int section_add_flags(int flags);
    int section_add_install_type(int inst_type);
    int add_page(int type);
    int page_end();
    int add_label(const char *name);
    int add_entry(const entry *ent);
    int add_entry_direct(int which, int o0=0, int o1=0, int o2=0, int o3=0, int o4=0, int o5=0);
    int add_db_data(IMMap *map); // returns offset
    int add_db_data(const char *data, int length); // returns offset
    int add_data(const char *data, int length, IGrowBuf *dblock); // returns offset
    int add_string(const char *string, int process=1, WORD codepage=CP_ACP); // returns offset (in string table)
    int add_intstring(const int i); // returns offset in stringblock

    int preprocess_string(char *out, const char *in, WORD codepage=CP_ACP);

    // Added by Ximon Eighteen 5th August 2002
    Plugins m_plugins;
    bool plugin_used;
    bool uninst_plugin_used;
    int build_plugin_unload;

    // build.cpp functions used mostly within build.cpp
    int datablock_optimize(int start_offset, int first_int);
    void printline(int l);
    int process_jump(LineParser &line, int wt, int *offs);

    int AddVersionInfo();
    int ProcessPages();
    void PrepareInstTypes();
    void PrepareHeaders(IGrowBuf *hdrbuf);

    int resolve_jump_int(const char *fn, int *a, int offs, int start, int end);
    int resolve_call_int(const char *fn, const char *str, int fptr, int *ofs);
    int resolve_instruction(const char *fn, const char *str, entry *w, int offs, int start, int end);

    int resolve_coderefs(const char *str);
    void print_warnings();
    int uninstall_generate();
    void set_uninstall_mode(int un);

    // lang.cpp functions and variables
    void InitLangTables();
    LanguageTable *GetLangTable(LANGID &lang);
    int DefineLangString(char *name, int process=-1);
    int DefineInnerLangString(int id, int process=-1);
    int SetLangString(char *name, LANGID lang, char *string);
    int SetInnerString(int id, char *string);
    int GenerateLangTables();
    void FillLanguageTable(LanguageTable *table);
    int HasUserDefined(int id) {
      const char *us = UserInnerStrings.get(id);
      return us && *us;

    LanguageTable *LoadLangFile(char *filename);
    void DeleteLangTable(LanguageTable *table);

    bool keep_ref;
    StringsArray UserInnerStrings;
    bool defcodepage_set;
    GrowBuf lang_tables;
    LANGID last_used_lang;
    LangStringList build_langstrings;
    int build_langstring_num, ubuild_langstring_num;
    char build_font[1024];
    int build_font_size;

    unsigned int uDefCodePage;

    // pages stuff
    int license_res_id;
    page *cur_page;
    int cur_page_type;
    int enable_last_page_cancel, uenable_last_page_cancel;

    int disable_window_icon;

    // User variables stuff
    int GetUserVarIndex(LineParser &line, int token);
    // Added by ramon 3 jun 2003
    UserVarsStringList m_UserVarNames;
    int m_iBaseVarsNum;
    int DeclaredUserVar(const char *VarName);
    void VerifyDeclaredUserVarRefs(UserVarsStringList *pVarsStringList);

    ConstantsStringList m_ShellConstants;

    // a whole bunch O data.

    ICompressor *compressor;
    CZlib zlib_compressor;
    CBzip2 bzip2_compressor;
    CLZMA lzma_compressor;
    bool build_compressor_set;
    bool build_compressor_final;
    bool build_compress_whole;
    int build_compress;
    int build_compress_level;
    int build_compress_dict_size;

    bool no_space_texts;

    bool has_called_write_output;

    char build_packname[1024], build_packcmd[1024];
    int build_overwrite, build_last_overwrite, build_crcchk,
        build_datesave, build_optimize_datablock,
        build_allowskipfiles; // Added by ramon 23 May 2003

    header build_header, build_uninst, *cur_header;
    int uninstall_mode;
    int uninstall_size,uninstall_size_full;
    int uninstaller_writes_used;

    char build_output_filename[1024];

    int build_include_depth;

    // Added by ramon 6 jun 2003
    CResourceVersionInfo rVersionInfo;
    char version_product_v[1024];

    int sectiongroup_open_cnt;
    FastStringList m_warnings;
    GrowBuf m_macros;

    StringList m_macro_entry;

    int db_opt_save, db_comp_save, db_full_size, db_opt_save_u, 
        db_comp_save_u, db_full_size_u;

    FastStringList include_dirs;

    StringList ns_func; // function namespace
    StringList ns_label; // label namespace

    int build_cursection_isfunc;
    section *build_cursection;
    TinyGrowBuf build_sections, ubuild_sections, *cur_sections;
    GrowBuf build_entries,ubuild_entries, *cur_entries;
    GrowBuf build_instruction_entry_map,ubuild_instruction_entry_map, *cur_instruction_entry_map;
    TinyGrowBuf build_functions, ubuild_functions, *cur_functions;
    TinyGrowBuf build_labels, ubuild_labels, *cur_labels;
    StringList build_strlist, ubuild_strlist, *cur_strlist;
    GrowBuf build_langtables, ubuild_langtables, *cur_langtables;
    TinyGrowBuf build_pages, ubuild_pages, *cur_pages;
    TinyGrowBuf build_ctlcolors, ubuild_ctlcolors, *cur_ctlcolors;

    // don't forget to update the cache after updating the datablock
    // see datablock_optimize for an example
    MMapBuf build_datablock, ubuild_datablock;
    TinyGrowBuf build_datablock_cache, ubuild_datablock_cache;
    IGrowBuf *cur_datablock, *cur_datablock_cache;
    struct cached_db_size
      int first_int; // size | (compressed ? 0x80000000 : 0)
      int start_offset;

    int build_filebuflen;

    TinyGrowBuf verbose_stack;

    unsigned char *m_exehead;
    size_t m_exehead_size;

    int icon_offset;
    bool branding_image_found;
    WORD branding_image_id;
    unsigned char *m_unicon_data;

    LOGFONT bg_font;
    LOGFONT bg_default_font;

    int deflateToFile(FILE *fp, char *buf, int len); // len==0 to flush

    CResourceEditor *res_editor;
    void init_res_editor();
    void close_res_editor();

#endif //_BUILD_H_

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